The Titan Gem-Maker
Big, fast, efficient, the workhorse of grinders with a full set of 8" diamond wheels. THE TITAN COMES COMPLETE. Includes 3/4 HP, 115/230V industrially rated motor on 16" x 42" laminated baseboard, double pump Spra-Mist coolant system, cast aluminum quick-change hoods and pans, one 80 grit and one 220 grit 7-5/8" x 11/2" Galaxy metal-bond diamond grinding wheel, four 7-5/8" x 2" Nova resin-bond diamond sanding and polishing wheels (one each 280, 600, 1200 and 3,000 grit); one 24" flex stem lamp, one 5-1/2" 14,000 grit Diamond Nova Disc, special disc geyser for laps, cab rest, set of two splash guards, sample bottle Water Aid, and a manual. We also include SAFETY GOGGLES WHICH MUST BE WORN WHEN OPERATING THIS MACHINE. Note: Titan comes with two lamp mounting buttons to allow you to move the lamp from right to left or add a second lamp or magnifier.
100-T-100 Titan............... 115/230V, 60Hz........Shp.Wt. 151 lbs. ............ $3995.00
Shipped via UPS in 2 cartons. One weighs 94 lbs. and one weighs 57 lbs.
Export Model: 100-T-100X Export Model......230V, 50Hz........Ship.Wt. 151 lbs. ............ $4250.00


GENIE COMES COMPLETE: It is powered by a 1/4 HP heavy duty, industrially rated custom Baldor motor. Standard motor is 115 volt/60 HZ. Overseas model uses similar motor in 230 volt/50 HZ. Comes mounted on a 13- 1/2" x 27" laminated base board. Genie includes two 6" x 11/2" Galaxy diamond grinding wheels (80 and 220 grit), four 6" x 11/2" Nova sanding and polishing wheels (280, 600, 1200 and 3,000 grits), one 18" lamp, with two mounting buttons (to allow you to move it from left to right or add a second lamp or magnifier, Spra-Mist coolant system, cab rest, one 5-1/2" 14,000 grit Diamond Nova Disc, sample bottle Water Aid, four splash guards, and a manual. We also include Safety Goggles WHICH MUST BE WORN WHEN OPERATING THIS MACHINE.
100-GD-100 Genie.................115 volts, 60Hz motor....Ship. Wt. 56 lbs........................... $2375.00
Export Model: 100-GD-100X Export Model...230 volts, 50Hz motor ...Ship Wt. 56 lbs... $2480.00

TRIM SAW ATTACHMENT FOR THE GENIE; Turn your Genie into a handy 8" trim saw in a matter of minutes. Easy installation; uses no oil.
TRIM SAW ATTACHMENT: Comes with molded, durable plastic hood and pan, sintered continuous thin rim blade, size 8" x .032 x 1; bore, shaft adapter, angle block, sample bottle of Water Aid, splash guard, and SAFETY GOGGLES THAT MUST BE WORN WHEN OPERATING THIS TRIM SAW.
100-TSG-105 Trim Saw............8lbs......$398.00 with blade

Genie Trim Saw Manual in pdf format

Now you can trim small slabs on your Pixie Gem-
Maker. You can cut up to a 5" square slab right in
half. Easy to attach the trim saw parts by removing
the right hand wheel adaptor, and then attaching the
saw blade adaptor with blade. The saw table and
blade guard are made of stainless steel for long life.
Comes with a 6" sintered rim blade. You can use
either a 1/2" or 5/8" arbor hole blade by turning over
the blade flange. Comes with saw table, blade guard,
6" blade, adaptor, flanges, and instructions. We also INCLUDE SAFETY GOGGLES THAT MUST BE WORN WHEN OPERATING THIS TRIM SAW.

THE PIXIE COMES COMPLETE: Includes one piece housing on a 14 1/2" x 18" laminated baseboard, motor, Spra-Mist coolant system, one 80 grit and one 220 grit 4" x 11/4" Galaxy metal-bond diamond grinding wheel, four 4" x 11/4" Nova resin-bond diamond sanding and polishing wheels (one each 280, 600, 1200, and 3,000 grit), one 15" flex stem lamp, one 4" 14,000 grit Diamond Nova Disc, handy cab rest, base for geyser, sample bottle of Water Aid, set of two splash guards, and a manual. We also include Safety Goggles WHICH MUST BE WORN WHEN OPERATING THIS MACHINE
100-P-100 Pixie............................115 volt, motor ..............Shp. Wt. 36 lbs ..............,$1650.00
100-P-100X Export Model...........230 volt, motor ..............Shp. Wt. 36 lbs ...............$1750.00

THE PIXIE has the same six-wheel sequence of diamond grinding and polishing wheels as the larger Gem-Makers, and provides you with a fast, efficient way to shape and polish stones. The Pixie is a great favorite of those who specialize in cutting opal. Just because the Pixie is compact and lightweight doesn't mean it can't do a great job. It is fast and efficient at polishing stones, and is the Gem-Maker preferred by those working opal.
100-P-100 Pixie:
100-P-100X Export Model:
Pixie Owners manual Click here

Pixie Saw Attachment Manual Click Here


Manual Stone Crusher
This handy tool will pulverise your stone to fill cracks
and holes when mixed with Opticon 224 resin.

Item #: MSC901
Size: 9.5 x 4 x 4.5 inches
Weight: 5.25 lbs.
Price: $39.95
Another View

Diamond Core Bits
Diamond rim brazed core bits
Diameter: 6mm (2) - 8mm (2)
Shank: 5mm & 7mm
GDW: 10g - 18g
Item #: DCB01
Weight: 0.3 oz.
Size: 6 mm(2)- 8mm (2)
Price: $3.50

Adapts to a 1/2 inch motor shaft. Diamond Pads are separate.
Item #: SBPA001
Weight: 8.4 oz. ea. (1.55 lbs./set)
Size: 1/2 in. spindle/3 inch Backers
Price: $59.95 for 3 w/Velcro Backers

SOLD! Diamond Coated Hole Saws 10~50mm 12 pcs
Item #: DCHS01
Weight: 16.6 oz.
Size: 10 - 50mm
Price: $45.00

Adapts to a 3/4 inch pipe thread spindle.
Diamond Pads are separate. (3 inch Backer Pads are currently out of stock.
4 inch Backer Pads are available.)

Item #: VBPA001
Weight: 9.4 oz. ea. (1.76 lbs./set)
Size: 3/4 in. spindle/3 inch Backers
Price: $49.50 for 3 w/ Velcro Backers

VELCRO BACKER PAD ADAPTER Adapts to a 1 inch pipe thread spindle. Diamond Pads are separate.
Item #: VBPA002
Weight: 11 oz. ea. (2.06 lbs/set)
Size: 1 in. spindle/4 inch Backers
Price: $59.50 for 3 w/Velcro Backers

Just to be clear; Backer pads must be Milled out in the center and Diamond Pads must be split from the center hole down to the second ring of diamond to work on a sphere machine. Tell me in the checkout "instructions to seller" box if you do NOT want them modified.

Use with the Barranca Wet Grinder (Replacement for worn out original in 5/8-11 thread). Available in 16mm metric thread for Non-USA grinders.
View Larger Image
Item #: VBP001
Weight: 3.7 oz.
Size: 4 inches x 5/8 -11 Threads Per Inch
Price: $6.95

Item #: VBP001-16
Weight: 3.7 oz.
Size: 4 inches x 16mm metric thread
Price: $6.95

Not for use with the Barranca Wet Grinder - 16mm metric thread.
Item #:VRBP002

Weight: 2.7 oz.
Size: 3 inches
Price: $5.95

(Temporarily out of stock)
5/8 - 11 thread.
Item #:VRBP003
Weight: 2.7 oz.
Size: 3 inches
Price: $5.95

These pads must be modified for use on sphere
making machines by splitting them from the center
down to the second ring. Modified Backers such as VBPA001 or VBPA002 must also be used for sphere polishing. Please advise if you do NOT
want them split or for use on a standard hand grinder.

Extra course grinding pad for the Barranca Wet Grinder. Made in China.
Another view
Item #: FDP050-4
Weight: 1.2 oz.
Size: 4 inches 50 Mesh
Price: $12.00

100 Mesh Item #: FDP100-4

200 Mesh Item #: FDP200-4

300 Mesh Item #: FDP300-4

500 Mesh Item #: FDP500-4

800 Mesh Item #: FDP800-4

1000 Mesh Item #: FDP1000-4

1500 Mesh Item #: FDP1500-4

2000 Mesh Item #: FDP2000-4

3000 Mesh Item #: FDP3000-4

8000 Mesh Item #: FDP8000-4

10000 Mesh Item #: FDP10000-4

15000 Mesh Item #: FDP15000-4

1500 not available at this time! FLEXIBLE DIAMOND PAD SET 3 INCH
Complete sequence for polishing spheres. These pads are split for use
on a sphere machine with cupped Velcro backers (not included).

Item #: FDP00X-3
Weight: 8.4 oz.
Size: 3 inches - 3 Each, 200, 500, 1000, 3000 mesh
Price: $96.00 plus shipping
Extra course grinding pad. Made in China.
Item #: FDP050-3

Weight: .6 oz.
Size: 3 inches 50 Mesh
Price: $10.00

100 Mesh Item #: FDP100-3

200 Mesh Item #: FDP200-3

500 Mesh Item #: FDP500-3

1000 Mesh Item #: FDP1000-3

1500 Mesh Item #: FDP1500-3

2000 Mesh Item #: FDP2000-3

3000 Mesh Item #: FDP3000-3

8000 Mesh Item #: FDP8000-3

10000 Mesh Item #: FDP10000-3

15000 Mesh Item #: FDP15000-3

This is a photo of Segments welded onto a cup with a rubber foam noise reducer inside.


DIAMOND CUPS for Sphere Grinding, long lasting and renewable.These cups are made on plumbing Bell Jar reducer fittings and are standard pipe thread. We can ONLY deliver standard pipe sizes. I can now make diamond cups using core bit segments OR BRAZING ROD. Call or e-mail with your requirements.

Item No.: DC01
Weight: 2.5 lbs.
Size: 2 x 3/4 inch
Price: $149.95 (Set of 3)

Diamond Sphere Cups
Item No.: DC002
Size: 1.5 x 3/4 Inch
Price: $119.95 (Set of 3)

Diamond Sphere Cups
Item No.: DC003
Size: 1.25 x 3/4 inch
Price: $99.95 (Set of 3)

Diamond Sphere Cups
Item No.: DC004
Size: 1 x 3/4 Inch
Price: $89.95 (Set of 3)

HEAVY DUTY 3 Head Sphere Making Machine for sale with new motors.
Machine speed is 154 RPM and can handle large spheres. Comes with one set of grinding cups and Velcro Backer pads for using the flexible diamond pads. No shipping available - must be picked up at the shop in Nipomo, CA.

Item No. SMM001
Size: 48 x 48 x 48 by 72 Inches Tall
Price: $999.95

Another view

Diamond Sphere Cups
2.5 Inch Black Pipe. 45 mesh for hard stones.
Item No.: DC005
Weight: 5.75 lbs.
Size: 2.5 X 1 inch
Price: $199.95 Set of 3
3/4 " bushing reducers included upon request.


Works great! $110.00 plus shipping.
Like new Lortone double barrel tumbler!

Item No. UDBT
Price: $110.00 Plus $20,00 Shipping
Diamond Sphere Cups
3 Inch ID Black Pipe. 45 mesh for hard stones. 4.25"OD
Item No. DC006
Weight: 7.5 lbs.
Size: 3 X 1 inch
Price: $259.95 Set of 3. 3/4" bushing reducers included upon request.
(showing wear pattern)
Diamond Sphere Cups (Set of 3)
4 Inch ID Black Pipe. 45 mesh for hard stones. 5.5"OD
Item No. DC007
Weight: 15 lbs.
Size: 4 X 1 inch
Price: $399.95
3/4 " bushing reducers included upon request.

Diamond Rod Inventory
Here is what I have in stock:
30/40 mesh = 0
40/50 mesh = 0
50/60 mesh = 0
140/170 mesh = 0
220 mesh = 0
600 mesh = 0 (No Backorder) No longer supplied!
1/16 Inch Bronze 80 mesh = 81

Last updated 10/20/2023

How to use Opticon Resin (224) (Requires Adobe PDF Reader)

Course Mesh Diamond Brazing Rods
Item #: DR001-1
(30/40)Temporarily out of stock
Item #: DR001-2
(40/50)Temporarily out of stock

Item #: DR001-3
Price: $16.50 ea. plus shipping.
Temporarily out of stock

Medium/Fine Diamond Brazing Rods
Item #: DR002-1
140/170 mesh

Item #: DR002-2
220 mesh
Temporarily out of stock
Price: $16.50 ea. plus shipping.

1. I'm wondering about how many spheres can be ground before discarding or refreshing the diamond.
Answer: It depends! There are many variables to consider.
a. Hardness of the rocks
b. Size of the cups
c. Speed of cup rotation (I recommend between 120 and 200 RPM). I have used this motor with good results: DAYTON 6Z084 AC Gearmotor, 124 rpm, TENV, 115V and Dayton 4Z613 (154RPM).
d. Tension on the cups
e. Mesh size and concentration of diamond in the matrix.
Experience so far has shown that in excess of 50 balls of varying sizes at a minimum can be ground before renewal of course diamond matrix is required using the diamond rods we sell. The fine mesh cups last much longer.
2. Can you apply more diamond as the original brazing wears away or do you have to toss the old brazed cups and replace them completely?
Answer: Once brazed, the cups can be renewed with new diamond practically forever. The second brazed will meld and blend with whatever is leftover from the first braze. The only thing you have to "toss" is the grindings in the drip pan under the cups. I recommend pre-heating your cups before brazing.

3.What diamond mesh size should I use as a roughing grade or should I use a medium grade to try it out first before going completely diamond?
Answer: The rods come in a variety of mesh sizes designed to meet standard lapidary techniques. Here is a list of popular sizes and their uses:
a. 30/40 mesh - Used for course(DR001-1) grinding of soft stones such as Marble, Onyx or Granite. Stones of 5 hardness (Mohs) or less. The reason is that the harder stones will crack and break the diamond bits out of the matrix. You must then re-sharpen the cup using loose grit to expose more diamond.
b. 40/50 mesh - This is a good all around course(DR001-2) grind compromise between speed of cutting and longevity of the cups. Most Lapidary applications can use this mesh size.

c. 50/60 mesh - (DR001-3)Used to course grind harder agates and Petrified Wood. Provides good longevity of cups without excessive scoring of the stone. I've made about 70 spheres of varying sizes before re-brazing is required with this mesh size dependent on the rock hardness.
d. 140/170 mesh - Use as a medium smoothing step (DR002-1) `to remove scratches made by 30/40 mesh grinding if necessary. Use this size to work Jasper that tends to flake and chip. Not needed in most applications.
e. 220 mesh - Use as a medium smoothing step (DR002-2) to remove scratches made by course (40/50, 50/60) mesh grinding if necessary.
f. 600 mesh - (I no longer sell this mesh size) This size will provide a semi-polish before preceding to the final polish. Most of the time I've been able to go directly from course grind to this mesh with great results. It's amazing how much slurry is produced by the 600 mesh cups rotating at 157 RPM. Be aware that the metal cups will scratch some stones. I have converted to using Diamond pads now. I find that metal cups scrach most rocks.

4. I have my own torch and have some existing worn-in cups. Can they be brazed?
Answer: Yes! Standard brazing techniques are used to apply the rod to the steel cups. A word of CAUTION! Do not braze GALVANIZED cups without using the proper breathing (Carbon Filtered) mask. Galvanized cups heated with a torch produce toxic fumes. Try to remove as much of the galvanize as possible before heating.

5. Do the grinding cups need to be beveled inside?
Answer: The cups will perform better and are easier to adjust if beveled before brazing. I recommend a 22 degree angle about 5/16's of an inch wide inside the cup. You can simply pre-grind the cup using silicon carbide until you get the desired beveled surface. Otherwise, visit your local Mill Shop.

6. How well do I have to make the weld on the cup?
Answer: The weld doesn't have to be pretty or even smooth. The wear from the stone you are grinding will soon make the surface very smooth. It will take several spheres of various sizes to smooth out the weld from edge to edge. A diamond rod deposit depth of at least 1/8th inch is recommended.

7. How do I tell when to renew the diamond braze?
Answer: When you see the steel cup surface breaking through the matrix it's time to re-braze the cup. In most cases the bottom inside will wear through first (Point of most wear). The cup will still grind on a larger sphere until you see the steel underneath breaking through.

8. My cups seem to have stopped cutting. What's wrong?
Answer: Just as in the case of a dull diamond saw blade, the cups will sometimes glaze over after excess pressure is used and new diamond needs to be exposed. Simply apply a few shakes of silicon carbide of the same mesh size as the cups to expose more (new) diamond. Once you see the slurry return after the S/C has washed away you have applied enough loose grit to sharpen the cups. This should not be necessary very often. Another effective way of getting the cups to cut once more is to put in a different sized ball. I've found that this helps keep the wear more even as well. Be aware that diamonds never wear out; they crack and break into little pieces and then fall out of the matrix material. If you see a lot of empty holes on your cup the diamonds have been shattered. This means you might be applying too much pressure on the cups.

9. How much water should I use on the sphere during grinding and polishing?
Answer: You need to keep a steady drip on the sphere during grinding to flush out the loose particles during the grinding phase. If the sphere is covered with slurry then you need to increase the drip just a bit. When polishing I start out with a light drip on the sphere using Velcro diamond pads and adapters (see above) or cut pieces inside of PVC pipe cups. After the spots are gone, I start with 200 or 300 mesh advancing to 500 , 1000, 1500 for about 20 minutes each step and then 3000. After a half hour the sphere should have a bright polish at 3000 mesh pads. You can go higher in mesh size but the result is sometimes hard to see any improvement in the shine. I''ve been experimenting with 8000 mesh & DF pads and I like the results I'm getting. I have found that pads labeled DF provide a superior shine on any sphere.

10. How many rods will it take to braze my cups?
Answer: It depends on the cup size and depth of weld deposit. I generally put 1/8th inch deep welds on approximately 5/16th inch wide beveled cups which takes 1 rod per cup for 1 ¼ inch cups. It takes about 1.25 to 2 rods to braze each 2 inch cup but you can go a little thinner on the depth and stretch it out. The rods are 15 inches long for all mesh sizes. Please call (see the "About Us" tab on the Home Page) if you have more questions concerning the brazing process. The size I'm referring to is the pipe size number stamped on the reducer.

11. Why does the cup wear through in just one spot (usually near the bottom of the circle)?
Answer: Unless you grind several different size spheres over time the abrasive diamond matrix will be depleted in a single spot on the cup ring. A small sphere size relative to the cup size will wear on the inner part of the cup were as a larger sphere size will wear on the outer ring of the cup. Even though the matrix has worn through in a particular spot, the cup will still work on a different sized sphere.

12. I have been xperimenting with JB Weld epoxy to attach Core Bit segments and my results are not that good. It works pretty well on smooth rocks but they become detached if the sphere has points or uneven surfaces. I've decided it is not reliable enough to use on a commercial basis; Therefore all my cups made for customers will be bronze welded.


This is a diagram of the jig I use to make my preforms from a square cube into a facetted ball in a 24 inch or 18 inch saw.
The Jig base plate should be 1/4 inch steel.

Cube Cutting Chart

Brazing Tips
Over time I’ve noticed some things using the brazing rods I’d like to pass on in hopes of helping the folks out there braze their own cups. First off, I have had varied success using the finer mesh sizes, as the diamonds tend to clump up and make a resulting braze on the cup ring that resembles cornbread. This is usually caused by having insuffient heat in the cup. The small size of the diamonds makes them want to stick together. I’ve found that this is also made worse by having the heat too hot from your torch. Also, if you heat one specific spot too long the diamonds appear to loose their coatings making the mixing of the diamonds with the melted matrix difficult as the diamond tend to float to the top. One way I’ve found to minimize this is to gently stir the melt with the end of my brazing rod as I go around the cup ring. The stirring action appears to make a more consistent mix on the cup ring by breaking up the little clumps. I’ve found that it is difficult to get the torch heat just right for a smooth braze surface on the very small mesh diamond rods. This has only been true with the finer mesh sizes as the larger diamonds blend very well with the hot, melted matrix. Too much heat and the diamonds explode into little shooting stars (a little bit of this is not a problem). If your cup isn’t hot enough when you start brazing the melt cools too quickly and makes for a very rough braze surface. I have had some success in improving the appearance of the finished braze by dipping the end of the hot rod into a can of Technical Borax flux powder (30 mesh). I only do this when it appears the diamonds are having trouble blending into the melt. I use a table top electric stove (Single element) to preheat my cups for about an hour before brazing.
Another problem I’ve encountered is a variation in the quality of the steel cups I’ve tried to braze. Some of them appear to have a component that interferes with the brazing process. I’ve noticed this problem on cups made in China more so than those made in Thailand. The problem presents itself with lots of holes in the matrix as if there is a gas emitting from the steel. Cups should be clean and totally clean from oil or grease before brazing them. I use a Craftsman 5415 D-1 Acetylene and Oxygen torch and a neutral flame on my cup.

Neutral Flame

Click on the following line to see..

A movie of my polishing technique!( huge 4 Mb)
The above link shows 3 inch Velcro Backer pads adapted to use the 3" diamond velcro pads that I import from China. I have found that a superior polish is attained using this system and the pads are easily changed since they are velcro attached. The process is quicker, cleaner and I use very little Opticon these days. Please contact me if you want additional information via the e-mail link below..
A movie of my sphere machine! (huge 3Mb).



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